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First things first: I realize there is already a document entiled "Daily Task" that exists. However, it is lacking in information, as well as grammatical accuracy and organization. This guide was created to inform those of the types of daily quests available, and how to complete them all. Also, I wish to clean up the group's Wall from the bits and pieces of questions and answers about these quests, and throw them all here into one document. Feel free to comment below regarding these quests, and ask any questions you might have. Suggestions for improving this guide are also welcome.

On to the guide~


There are four types of quests:

Scouting Quests - Locate an item

Combat Quests - Defeat a certain number of enemies

Boss Quests - Defeat a boss

Misc Quests - Miscellaneous, non-combat quests

The following quests will be categorized based on the above four types.


These types of quests require no combat to be fulfilled. Instead, you are required to travel outside the Maple Village to locate certain items. Once you locate the item in question, click on it to complete the quest.

Find the ball (Rank D)

Location: Path

Collecting mushrooms (Rank D)

Location: Path

Find the necklace (Rank C)

Location: Sugarbush

Find the sachet (Rank C)

Location: Sugarbush

* * * COMBAT QUESTS * * *

These types of quests require you to defeat a set number of a certain type of opponent. The quest will be fulfilled when the required amount of enemies are defeated.

Kill Exile Fighter (Rank C)

Enemy: Exile Fighter - Level 6

Amount: 15

Location: Sugarbush

Kill Exiled Ninja Captain (Rank C)

Enemy: Exiled Ninja Captain - Level 8

Amount: 10

Location: Sugarbush

Kill Exile Perception Ninja (Rank D)

Enemy: Exiled Perception Ninja - Level 12

Amount: 20

Location: Water Pond

Kill Assassination (Rank C)

Enemy: Exile Assassin - Level 14

Amount: 15

Location: Water Pond

Kill the Perception of Ninja Captain (Rank C)

Enemy: Exiled Perception Ninja Captain - Level 16

Amount: 10

Location: Water Pond

The Assassin Killed Captain Exile (Rank B)

Enemy: Exiled Assassin Captain - Level 18

Amount: 20

Location: Trestle

Kill the Fighter (Rank B)

Enemy: Warrior - Level 20

Amount: 10

Location: Trestle

* * * BOSS QUESTS * * *

Upon accepting one of these quests, your character is automatically placed in a fight against the challenged boss. Be sure to have sufficient HP and MP before taking on one of these challenges. Note that all these bosses are located on the world map as well. Upon defeating one, you may recieve a rare piece of equipement.

Challenge the Leader of Exile Samurai (Rank A)

Boss: Exile Warrior Leader - Level 10

Map Location: Sugarbush

Item Drop: Scroll (Back Item)

Challenge one can surgery division com-- I don't know what the rest says. :s (Rank B)

Boss: Hyakki Warrior Leader - Level 20

Map Location: Sugarbush

Item Drop: Woodhand (Weapon)

Boss: The Exiled Legion Leader - Level 30

Map Location: Thorn Bamboo Grove

Item Drop: Bone Hand Scythe (Weapon) and Curse of the Bones (Back Item)

(Is there even quests this far?)

Boss: Barron Skeleton - Level 40

Map Location: Center Marsh

Item Drop: ???

* * * MISC QUESTS * * *

These quests involve no combat whatsoever. Instead, you are required to do something around the Maple Village in order to complete the mission.

Learn Mutually (Rank D)

Objective: Get yourself a position in the Arena.

How to Complete: Go to the Arena, and click on "Join". Note that you must join in between Server Time 8:00 and 20:00.

Friends of the Gift (Rank D)

Objective: Hand over Kana's requested item to her.

How to Complete: Obtain the requested item by having a friend gift it to you. Then, give it to Kana in Maple Village. Note that the item changes from time to time.

How To Collect Armor Fragments ?
Go to the Sugarbush and defeat the enemies there; I believe it's the Level 6 and Level 8 opponents.


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